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Boston 2018 AGENDA

Over the past year, technology and the IoT has exploded - and security challenges are only becoming more fluid. For organizations to stay at the apex, collaboration with the best minds in the space and a future-forward mindset is more important than ever. The 2018 Summit Topics are developed with CIOs, CISOs and executives and provide a tremendous amount of value to those who are looking to understand best practices in IT. The peer-to-peer Executive Roundtable Sessions have proven to be an exceptional resource for executives- providing real answers to issues facing their organizations and the industry. 

7:15am – 8:45am

8:45am – 9:10am
Registration Opens with a Breakfast Buffet and Networking in the Sponsor Pavilion

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Mary Lou Heastings
Executive Alliance Inc.
Richard Warner 
Summit Moderator

9:10am – 10:00am 

The X Factor That Makes an “A” Team

graham 150.png

Doug Graham

VP & Chief Security Officer

Nuance Communications

Mindset…this team knows it can deliver.  What does it take to find and build a team that is invested, persistent, and knows how to overcome major challenges thrown its way? Join Doug and his team as they discuss the traits that make up an "A" team.

At Nuance, people and our technology have pioneered the highest functioning speech software in the world, perfecting the ability for machines to recognize and emulate the human voice.

Featuring Nuance team members:

Ken MacCuish
Chief Information Security Officer
Erica Antos
Healthcare Information Security Officer
Tim Holland
Director of Protective Services and Threats
Grant Kahn
Director of Product Security

10:00am – 10:30am 

Complete Lifecycle Approach to Advanced Threat Protection


Alex Zielke

Cyber Security

Symantec, Platinum Sponsor

Due to the inevitability of advanced targeted attacks that fly under the radar of traditional, preventative-based security technologies, there is a shift toward a more modern defense-in-depth strategy—one that provides the intelligence, context, and real-time situational awareness needed to detect today's advanced threats. This defense is the first to integrate a business process view that aligns with how your security team operationalizes new intelligence and technologies to fortify your security infrastructure against future attacks. This session will provide insights into how this approach will empower your organization, enabling you to adopt the best new technologies that drive your business.

10:30am – 11:10am

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11:10am – 11:30am

The Shift in Information Security


Fabio Martins

Research Information Security Officer

Partners Healthcare


From a beginning years ago as techies, to now a savvy group of seasoned business executives, security leaders are now at the forefront of their organizations. This discussion, with Fabio Martins of Partners Healthcare, focuses on some of the latest thought leadership on problem solving as the current information security landscape becomes more diverse and complex.


11:30am – 12:00pm

Extending Analytics to Risk Adaptive Insight & Enforcement 

Yaqub 150.png

Homayun Yaqub

Senior Security Strategist

Forcepoint, Platinum Sponsor


Behavior analytics tools provide valuable insights, but lack ability to enforce protection policies. This session explores operationalizing CARTA by integrating analytics with other security technologies, for example: UEBA/DLP solutions for Adaptive Data Insights and UEBA/Endpoint Collection for Adaptive User Insights.

12:00pm – 12:15pm

What’s Next?

Richard Warner 
Summit Moderator

Interactive polling session with executives discussing where their concerns are as they look at the state of the industry.


12:15pm – 12:35pm

Cloud Security: The Art of Securing the Perimeter When There's No Perimeter.


Michael Melore

Cyber Security Advisor

IBM, Gold Sponsor


Securing the cloud is more challenging than securing an on-premise infrastructure. How do you secure what you don't own? How do you secure external services your business users may be subscribing to without your knowledge and authorization? How do you maintain compliance when multi cloud providers are part of your ecosystem? Who owns the security responsibility for different services offered? This session will focus on effective security approaches to these variables.

12:35pm – 12:55pm

National Policy and Legal Issues

This interactive session will focus some of the top issues facing companies and their security teams.

12:55pm – 1:15pm

They Say Breaches are Inevitable… Now What?


Mike Campfield

VP of Security Solutions

ExtraHop, Gold Sponsor


Changes in threat landscape, data gravity, expanse of the attack surface, and human capital have forced us to take a hard look at “Tried and True” security tools and techniques.
Topics covered:

  • SOC teams and Alert Desensitization
  • Security Operations Human Capital Crisis
  • SSL Encryption Blind Spots
  • Threat Actors using ML and AI
1:15pm – 2:25pm

Lunch and Networking

2:25pm – 2:35pm

Autonomous Cyber Defense: AI and the Immune System Approach


Katherine Zimmel

CyberSecurity Manager

Darktrace, Silver Sponsor


From insiders to sophisticated external attackers, the reality of cyber security today is that the threat is already inside. Legacy approaches to cyber security, which rely on knowledge of past attacks, are simply not sufficient to combat new, evolving attacks, and no human cyber analyst can watch so much or react quickly enough. A fundamentally new approach to cyber defense is needed to detect and respond to these threats that are already inside the network – before they turn into a full-blown crisis. 

Self-learning systems represent a fundamental step-change in automated cyber defense, are relied upon by organizations around the world, and can cover up to millions of devices. Based on machine learning and probabilistic mathematics, these new approaches to security can establish a highly accurate understanding of normal behavior by learning an organization’s ‘pattern of life,’. They can therefore spot abnormal activity as it emerges and even take precise, measured actions to automatically curb the threat. 

Discover why autonomous response and machine learning is the future of defense and how the immune system’ approach to cyber security provides complete network visibility and the ability to prioritize threats in order to better allocate time and resources. 

In this session, learn: 

  • How new machine learning and mathematics are automating advanced cyber defense 
  • Why full network visibility allows you to detect and autonomously respond to threats 
  • How smart prioritization and visualization of threats allows for better resource allocation and lower risk 
  • Real-world examples of unknown threats detected by ‘immune system’ technology
2:35pm – 2:50pm

Senior Management’s Toughest Questions

Discussion on CISOs accountability and how they are responding.

2:50pm – 3:00pm
Intelligent Bot Swarms and Dark Places: Why Your Next Firewall Will be a Robot

James Cabe

Principal Sales Engineer

Fortinet, Silver Sponsor

The current state of security affairs is... odd. Home routers are attacking work routers. Credentials are being dumped daily onto public forums because dark nets are too slow. These things are being accomplished with bot swarms. These bots use very unsophisticated attacks automated by very sophisticated analytics and control networks. Dogs may soon lie down with cats (apologies to Ghostbusters)! There must be a way to fight this level of automation. Corporations require an edge that many today do not enjoy. This presentation discusses the emergence of ANNiMLS (Artificial Neural Networks integrated Machine Learning Systems), the use of easy automation, machine intelligence, and good robots against bad robots.

3:00pm – 3:25pm
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3:25pm – 4:30pm

Executive Breakout Roundtable Discussions with Debriefs 

Topic #1:  Security Analytics & Threat Intelligence – Maturing the Environment
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Topic #2: Cloud Security and Compliance for the Future

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Topic #3:  Information Risk Management Programs…Looking Down the Road

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Topic #4: Forward Thinking Security Organizations

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Topic #5: Cyber Risks Discussions at the Board Level

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4:30pm – 4:45pm
Closing Remarks
4:45pm – 5:45pm
Reception and Networking with Prize Drawings