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All Summit sessions qualify for CPE Credits.

Boston 2019 AGENDA

8:00am – 9:15am

9:15am – 9:35am
Registration Opens with a Breakfast Buffet and Networking in the Sponsor Pavilion

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Mary Lou Heastings
Executive Alliance Inc.
Richard Warner 
Summit Moderator

9:35am– 10:05am

Keynote: Cybersecurity in 2019: Threats, Risks and Actions Needed

10:05am – 10:30am

Technologies Shaping the Future
In an interview session with security leaders, the exploration of technological advances already reshaping the future of many industries, including the critical use of artificial intelligence, big data, and future disruptors.

10:30am – 11:00am

Visibility – Inside & Out
Experts discuss enterprise cyber analytics and breakthrough approaches to analyzing network interactions with applied advanced machine learning for complete visibility, real-time detection, and guided investigation.

11:00am – 11:35am

Coffee Break and Networking in the Sponsor Pavilion

11:35am – 12:10pm

How Data Analytics Is Revolutionizing Sports – The Takeaways for Security Executives
Brian Shield
World Series Champions
Boston Red Sox
Jay Wessland
NBA Champions
Boston Celtics
Lorraine Spadaro
VP of Technology and Solutions
NHL Champions
Boston Bruins
The 2011 sports movie drama, Moneyball, based on Michael Lewis' best-selling book "Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game," highlighted Billy Bean of the Oakland Athletics as one of the most innovative figures in the history of sports. In his initial use of data analytics, he recognized the top skill of players that correlated to winning baseball games...was getting on base. Fast forward to today and now almost every major league sports team is heavily invested in moving the priority of leveraging analytics to the forefront. Using advanced technologies and improved analytic capabilities, the "view" of the game, the players, and the consumers, has dramatically changed.
During this Summit interview session, insights will be shared from senior technology executives on how major league sports is using analytics to continue to look for new opportunities to increase revenues, reduce expenses, and win games. they are taking best practices and lessons learned into the world of information security.

12:10pm – 12:30pm

The Quantum Era…Is Cybersecurity Ready?
Quantum computing is opening the door for massive advancements in cybersecurity, providing the ability to detect and thwart attacks in advance. But on the flip side, this type of computing is poised to create significant new vulnerabilities – creating the mathematical power to break encryption. Today’s cryptography factors in large prime numbers, which is mathematically a complex solution. Trying to break encryption is now trial and error and needs a very long time. Quantum computers can solve these types of problems is seconds, compared with billions of years of processing using conventional computers.  How should cybersecurity organizations prepare for the future?

12:30pm- 12:50pm

Insights into Talent Management
Amazon, arguably is one of the most successful startup of our era, with approximately 650,000 global employees, over 100 million prime members, and a market cap of about $920 billion. In this interview session, discussions focus on how this giant does not offer the usual Silicon Valley perks, but still is winning talent in their highly competitive environment.  In this interview session, CISOs will share their insights into their approaches as they also compete heavily for scarce resources.

12:50pm – 1:10pm

Zero Trust – The Right Model for Security?
Change is always on the horizon, especially for security organizations as they continuously seek to protect their organizations crown jewels. With the latest high visibility around zero trust, what does this model try to solve and what is the impact to an organization to get there?

1:10pm – 2:15pm

Lunch and Networking

2:15pm – 2:30pm

Top Priorities in a Digital World
It’s not always about more…it’s figuring out how to leverage what you already have in place and continually identifying what you need in order to solve your future challenges, especially with the constraints of limited resources. This session focuses on the list of CISO priorities to stay ahead.
2:30pm – 2:50pm
Innovating on the CISO Role
Esmond Kane
Deputy CISO
Partners Healthcare

Their resumes are different now, with technical expertise moved down the page and their abilities to lead, help drive cultural change, communicate across the enterprise, apply rigor and perspective on behalf of the business, and help drive revenue and lower costs, are at the forefront. It’s daunting, to say the least to be in today’s CISO role. This interview session will focus on how CISOs are adapting or not, and their expectations of their role in the future.

3:00pm – 3:20pm
Trends & Impacts - Polling
An interactive, live polling session with the focus on what security executives believe are the latest threats to cyber security and the impact to their businesses.

2:45pm – 3:10pm

Forward Thinking Strategies for Business Resilience Management
Every company’s future depends on business resilience to maintain confidence in its ability to insulate its brand, protect its customers, optimize operational efficiencies, and support its growth.  Most companies struggle with their capability to build capacity due to the rapid pace of technological change such as cloud and IoT, as just a few examples. This session focuses on how organizations are building capabilities to scale quickly and continue to focus on the protections if their assets.

3:10pm – 3:45pm

Break and Networking

3:45pm – 4:35pm

Executive Roundtable Discussions

4:35pm – 4:45pm

Closing Remarks

4:45pm – 5:45pm

Reception and Networking with Prize Drawings