Andy Ulrich

Head of Security, Americas



The Future of Securing our Data

Predicting the future in information security is difficult and risky, because of the complexity of our infrastructures, and because hackers prefer to be unpredictable. But these two factors – complexity and unpredictability – can actually guide us in how we approach the future of securing our data. Note: unpredictable and complex things may happen in real time during this presentation.


Andy became interested in technology at a young age, well before he understood it, with a proven track record of disassembling clocks and radios (always irreversibly; a physical hash function). Later he found he could get paid to work with telephones and computers, and spent time in the Army, increasingly focused on information security as it developed from good idea into operational necessity. After some years Andy turned from defending military networks to defending commercial ones, which are the same but generate far more revenue, ironically resulting in smaller budgets for defending them. His previous job was the CISO for MoneyGram International, and currently he leads security across the Americas for Ericsson.


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